Homemade Cinnamon Roll

Originally uploaded by The Meeting Place on Market


I am rather famous around these parts for my love of all things sweet.  In fact, I consider myself something of an expert on most types of desserts and baked goods.  This is particularly true of cinnamon rolls.  You know how certain Famous Brand cinnamon rolls which shall not be named can sometimes be a little TOO gooey and creamy?  And how sometimes even the most lovingly homemade cinnamon rolls can be a little skimpy with the icing and little heavy on the bread?

Problem solved.  This morning I stopped into the Meeting Place, picked myself out a gigantic, nutty cinnamon roll from the bakery case, and took it home to do a very scientific analysis consisting of the following steps:

1. Place roll on (microwave safe) plate and heat on high for thirty seconds.

2. Brew a half pot of Kaffeescape decaf.

3. Procure fork, knife, and coffee cup.

4. Take everything outside to the deck.

5.  Ceremoniously take first bite. 

Upon completing these steps, I chewed, swallowed, and smiled.  Cinnamon roll perfection at last has been achieved.  Also, for scientific accuracy, I should point out that these are truly GIANT cinnamon rolls, that I had already eaten breakfast a few hours earlier, and that I somehow still managed to finish over half the roll in about ten minutes.  Ah, but it was so worth it…


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