Press Release: The Meeting Place Releases Website for Ordering Gourmet Coffee Online

October 28, 2008 – The Meeting Place on Market is excited to announce the release of a new website customers can use for ordering coffee.  Customers around the country can buy their gourmet coffee online at

Available for purchase on the website are The Meeting Place on Market’s signature coffees, The Lima Bean Blend and the Big City Blend.  Also available, are coffees from around the world, such as the popular Guatemalan Antigua coffee, and a wide variety of flavored coffees, such as Pumpkin Spice and Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble.  Other coffees featured include Fair Trade and Organic coffees, which are coffees grown by farmers who have been certified to follow environmentally sustainable and community-encriching business and growing practices.

The coffee is sold under The Meeting Place on Market’s own brand of gourmet coffee, KaffeeScape, a name which comes from the German word for coffee, “Kaffee”, and Scape, which is reminiscent of a broad view, similar to the stunning vistas much of the world’s coffee is grown within. 

“I am extremely excited to announce the launch of our web site.  We’ve had a great team of people who have worked on it with us, and we believe it offers a very simple  online ordering process,” says co-owner Jennifer Brogee.

The coffees can be shipped anywhere in the domestic United States.  Free shipping is offered to customers who order five or more pounds of coffee.

For more information, contact:

Jennifer Brogee


Buy Gourmet Coffee Online
The Meeting Place on Market

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