Coffee Tasting Notes From Our Customers

Below are the latest coffee tasting comments from our customers… come on down, try our coffee, and write down your own coffee tasting comments!  There are forms right next to the airports… or leave a comment on this blog.

 Maple Pecan Decaf

“Excellent – get it every time – keep it!

 Dark Chocolate Decadence

“A little ‘decadence’ is good for you!  And, there is nothing better than chocolate!  (said the choc-holic).”

 Fair Trade Organic Bird Watchers

“Yum!  Tastes so good!  Yeah!  And it feels so good, smooth it is, yesiree, love it muchly!  It’s so good!”

Fair Trade Organic Ring o’ Fire

“Just this side of smooth, yet punchy… alright – what coffee should be!”


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