Spotlight On Elaine!

We’ll be running a series for the next couple of weeks highlighting those employees who have been with The Meeting Place for five years or more.  Our first victimcelebrity is Elaine McCormack!

Elaine has been with us right from the start.  She had worked with Greg and Ruth Ann in different business ventures previously, and was excited to be involved with this newest enterprise.  She felt Lima really needed a local coffeehouse environment such as The Meeting Place hoped to provide.  Of course, no one knew at the beginning that we would expand to have a bustling lunch and catering business as well! 

Elaine’s favorite memory is the time that the staff secretly “surprised” die hard OSU fan Kevin by decorating his office in Michigan paraphernalia!  (This is probably NOT Kevin’s fondest memory.)  Her favorite menu item is the salad trio, and her favorite beverage is the classic cappuccino, which she enjoys daily.

Everyone at The Meeting Place, staff and customer alike, appreciates Elaine’s creativity, attention to detail and quality control, and enthusiasm for our business and for downtown Lima in general!  Thanks, Elaine, for sticking with us and making The Meeting Place on Market a better and (more fun!) place to work and eat!


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