Coffee Cupping – Part I

Last Saturday, as part of our 6th anniversary celebration, we hosted two coffee cupping sessions. Coffee cupping is the professional term for coffee tasting – the process of tasting and grading coffee beans for quality, grade, and flavor.

For the first session, we demonstrated to the group how a professional would “cup coffee” – brewing the coffee right in the cup, and slurping the coffee with a spoon to get the best flavor sample. However, we tasted the coffees through brewed airpots, for ease and simplicity. Below are the groups observations:

Ring of Fire
(To be fair to the coffee, I think I screwed up its brew – it is actually a customer favorite)
dislike aftertaste
thin & light

Jamaican Me Crazy
love the aroma
high sweetness
delayed flavor

Northern Pacific
NOTE: This is actually drip brewed espresso
smoky, burnt wood
sharper & stronger
full bodied
mealy aftertaste

French Toast
smell is different than the taste
cinnamon aroma
maple taste
cinnamon aftertaste

Moka Sumatra
not bitter
slides smoothly, then flavor rushes in

We then voted on the favorite… and the winner is…
1st place: French Toast
2nd place: Moka Sumatra


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