Coffee Tasting Notes

It’s so exciting to read the comments of our customers – and this time around, they’ve given us kudos and a great idea that we hope to implement soon.

Cherry Vanilla Coffee
“Not bitter, very smooth. Nice cherry & vanilla taste! Does not need any cream or sugar. Very good black.” – Anonymous Customer

Check out our Flavored Coffees online! – Jennifer

Moka Sumatra & Northern Pacific
“I know this isn’t what you asked for, but I wanted to say that I really applaud the choice to supplpy fair trade and organic coffees! These are easily my favorite taste-wise, on top of being a bit easier on the conscience. Thank you!” – Anonymous Customer

We have a great supply of Fair Trade Organic coffees and gifts available to order online here. You can also read about the Fair Trade/ Organic movement. – Jennifer

“Very smooth. Love it! Suggestion: could use some chocolate powder on table with cinnamon.” – Anonymous Customer

We hope to get that cocoa on the table soon!! If it’s not there though – please ask for it, we have it behind the counter. – Jennifer


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