The Meeting Place Gets an Extreme Makeover!

One evening in March, the employees of The Meeting Place on Market were chatting. They had some ideas to make the coffee shop better. They wanted to give it an Extreme Makeover.

The employees starting moving around the furniture. You see, they knew that owner #1 and owner #2 were out of state for the weekend. They knew that owner #3 was working his second job. They knew that owner #4 was home with her three little kids, and probably wouldn’t be in that night. So they thought they could re-arrange everything – just for the night – and put it back before any of the owners stopped by. Well, owner #4 decided to drag her kids in for a smoothie. Surprise!

But owner #4 thought some of the changes were good. So, they all brainstormed together and came up with some even wilder ideas that involved a drill, some hardware, brawn and some paint. The employees volunteered to show up bright & early on a Sunday morning to implement the changes. And so they did! In a few short hours, they moved the booths out of the pub and against the Meeting Room wall. They moved the large tables into the pub to create a kind of meeting space. They moved the couch and book shelves into the front “Family Room” to create a comfortable hanging out space. And they put the coffee shelves up onto the Terrace.

Together we re-painted the pub (ok, so I’m owner #4 – owners #1 & 2 helped too), organized the tables, re-arranged the current artist’s artwork, and added some shelving for our bakery items. By 6 pm on Sunday, we were done! Below are photos of the makeover.

Thank you to Stephanie, Brandon, Eric, and Brandi who designed and implemented the makeover! We love it!

Pics 125

Pics 043
New paint and large tables in the “pub”

Pics 013
Booths over by the West Street entrace

Pics 092
Coffee shelves in the Terrace

Pics 134
New comfortable couch and game area facing Market Street

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