Press Release: Drenched Earth Tour Comes to Lima, Ohio



From the Ground

DIY Folk Acts Find a Winning Combo in Roots Music Tradition & Grassroots Marketing 

NORWALK, OHIO — Singer-songwriter Chris Castle and the Womack Family Band are using natural talent, hard work, and modern technology to blaze their own trail in today’s tumultuous music industry. The Rustbelt Americana artists have been steadily building a following throughout the eastern half of the United States by bringing homegrown music directly to listeners via the internet and a steady stream of live performances.

In late 2010, the two acts joined forces for the Drenched Earth Tour. They are currently in the process of visiting 38 cities in 18 states, for a total of 48 appearances; from Michigan to Florida, Georgia to Maine, and everywhere in between; all in the span of 50 days. The tour comes to Lima on February 23, for a performance at The Meeting Place on Market, at 6 pm.

Castle, a former songwriting prodigy who was a Nashville staff-writer as a teenager, says this tour is proof that musicians don’t need to wait around to be “discovered” by a talent scout from a major label in order to have their music heard.
The music from both acts is quiet, contemplative and lyric-driven. It’s free of the gimmicks associated with what populates Clear Channel and corporate radio stations nowadays, and focuses more on solid melodies and sound storytelling than riffs and cliches. “We’re not claiming to be writing the next Ninth Symphony, Tiger Rag, or Idiot Wind.” says Schaffer. “We’re just trying to offer some organic alternatives to the mass produced music of the last 30 years.”

The New London Day calls Chris Castle “a visionary songwriter” while Folk Alley says he is “a rising, Americana stand-out.” He has shared stages with the likes of Chris Hillman (the Byrds), Tommy Ramone, Jimmy Webb, Junior Brown, and the Wood Brothers, among many others. Castle’s 2008 release was recorded at the Woodstock home of American music legend Levon Helm (the Band). As for the Womacks, Cleveland Magazine says their debut disc is “packed with spot-on harmonies” showcasing “the power of American folk.”

“When (musicians) are young, we all imagine some CEO with a big cigar, walking up and handing us a million dollars,” Castle says. “But the older we get, the more we see it’s a simple matter of connecting with people through music. There’s no secret formula. Just try to make solid music and get it directly to the people through constant application.”

When Castle and the Womacks — which consist of Tony Schaffer, Cory Webb and the brother-sister duo of Noah and Haley Heyman — aren’t making music, they’re busy pioneering the way musical acts get heard. The musicians do their own HTML coding for their websites; they book and promote their own shows; they design and manufacture tour merchandise; and they write, record, and distribute their own music. They also operate their own boutique, BMI affiliated publishing firm; from a garage in northcentral Ohio.


For more information contact
Tony Schaffer, 419-706-9590


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