The Real Lima Bean Coffee House

Yes, there is really a coffee house in Lima, Ohio that serves Lima Bean coffee. Opened in 2003, the coffee shop, The Meeting Place on Market, is located less than a mile down the road from Lima Sr. High School at 220 West Market Street.

Lima Bean Blend coffee was created specifically for Lima, Ohio in 2003 and has remained a favorite of customers ever since. It’s mellow, light roasted, yet flavorful, brew comes from a mix of coffee beans from Central America, Africa and Indonosia. The coffee was selected as the Lima Bean Blend because of its pleasing flavor, and because its diversity is reflective of the community’s diversity. The coffee can be purchased online, at its downtown location, or at Ray’s Supermarket in Shawnee.

While the coffee shop obviously isn’t named “The Lima Bean,” it is the only independent coffee shop in downtown Lima. The logo for The Meeting Place on Market was featured in a February 2011 episode of Fox’s TV Show, glee, entitled “Silly Love Songs.” The coffee shop and cafe offers 101 different espresso and smoothie drinks, a made from scratch bakery, wraps, sandwiches and more. It features a new art exhibit monthly, and hosts local musicians on Friday and Saturday nights. It’s a must see when you are visiting Lima, Ohio!

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  1. Awesome ! Huge fan of glee. All my kids r named after the characters. (I have 5)

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