Free Comic Book Day, Geeks & Gleeks Drinks

This Saturday is Free Comic Book day at Alter Ego Comics. We’ll be there, providing free coffee, and maybe, if the weather allows, smoothies! Why not get into the comic book mood early, and enjoy some of our Geeks & Gleeks drinks this week!  Our Iron Man Mocha is a favorite… check them all out:

Mocha at The Meeting Place on Market

Hot Drinks on our Geeks & Gleeks Menu:

#56. I Love Lima Au Lait Espresso, hazelnut, white Ghirardelli® chocolate, milk, whipped cream

#57. Iron Man Mocha Espresso + extra shot of espresso, Ghirardelli® chocolate, coffee royale, milk, whipped cream

Cold Drinks on our Geeks & Gleeks Menu:

#6. Lima Bean Dream A rich blend of ice cream with vanilla and ground Lima Bean Blend coffee granules.

#7. Blue Berry Blast In honor of Rachel Berry, a blend of raspberry, with blueberry flavoring & ice cream!

#8. Frozen Gleek A German chocolate, banana, and ice cream smoothie, topped with whipped cream.


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