Flavored Coffees from The Meeting Place on Market

gourmet coffeeAll coffees are 100% premium Arabica coffee beans.  Holiday Favorites in green. Customer Favorites in blue.

~~~~If you don’t see it on the shelf, we can place a special order for you! Our shipments come in every Wednesday.~~~~

Almond Amaretto: The distinct cherry-like flavor of the distilled almond is given a slightly nuttier taste. Caff or Decaf

Almond Coco: Rich chocolate, toasted almond and hints of coconut just like the candy bar! Caff or Decaf

Amaretto: The original cherry-like flavor of distilled almonds. The taste is very similar to the popular liqueur. Caff or Decaf

Apple Crumble: Delicious tart apple pie with a light drizzle of caramel and a hint of cinnamon. Caff or Decaf

Apricot Cream: Sweet, juicy, sun sweetened apricots. Caff or Decaf

Banana Foster: Real banana cream pie taste. Caff or Decaf

Banana Split: Enjoy this summertime treat any time of the year! Banana, vanilla, coconut, chocolate and cherry. Caff or Decaf

Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble: Just the aroma will remind you of fresh blueberry muffins straight from the oven! True blueberry     flavor. Caff or Decaf

Brazilian Rain Forest Nut: Delicious nutty taste with a blend of hazel and macadamia nuts. Very popular! Caff or Decaf

Butter Pecan: Rich, smooth, buttery pecan flavor! Caff or Decaf

Butter Rum Cream: Buttery rum with just a touch of spice. Tastes a lot like butter rum lifesavers. Caff or Decaf

Butterscotch: Rich with a soft buttery flavor. Caff or Decaf

Calypso Caramel: A Captivating blend of rich, buttery caramel with sweet coconut, vanilla, and nuts! Caff or Decaf

Candy Cane: Sweet, cool peppermint. Caff or Decaf

Cappuccino: Reminiscent of espresso with creamy steamed milk. Caff or Decaf

Caramel: The thick and rich creamy taste of pure caramel. It’s irresistible! Caff or Decaf

Caramel Apple: Creamy thick caramel over a tart apple. Caff or Decaf

Caramel Fudge: Two great tastes in one! A creamy caramel with thick, dark fudge swirled in. Caff or Decaf

Caramel Nut: Delicious caramel and nuts just like the old fashion Bit-O-Honey candy bar!. Caff or Decaf

Carrot Cake: Always a dessert favorite! Lightly spiced carrot cake with thick butter cream frosting. Caff or Decaf

Cherry Vanilla: Ripe cherries in sweet vanilla cream. Caff or Decaf

Chocolate Cherry: Just like opening a box of the real thing! Rich chocolate with sweet cherries. Caff or Decaf

Chocolate Raspberry: Rich, dark chocolate smothers fresh raspberries. A longtime favorite! Caff or Decaf

Chocolate Seville: Fresh sweet oranges dipped in chocolate. Caff or Decaf

Chocolate Toasted Almond: Toasted almonds coated in rich chocolate. Caff or Decaf

Christmas Spice: Eggnog with spices and a pinch of fresh nutmeg. Caff or Decaf

Cinnamon Cappuccino: Rich and creamy with long lasting warm cinnamon overtones. Caff or Decaf

Cinnamon Hazelnut: Roasted hazelnuts covered in sweet cinnamon. A perfect blend of flavors! Caff or Decaf

Cinnamon Nut Swirl: Freshly baked cinnamon rolls smothered with sweet buttery nuts. Caff or Decaf

Cinnamon Toffee: An exquisite European style toffee with a sprinkling of cinnamon. Very rich! Caff or Decaf

Coco-Moca: Sweet and toasted coconut tossed in rich chocolate tastes just like chocolate macaroons! Caff or Decaf

Coconut Cream: Who could resist melt-in-your mouth coconut cream pie! Caff or Decaf

Coffee Cake: You can smell it baking in the oven! A hint of nuts, ginger, orange, cinnamon, and spices. Caff or Decaf

Cookie Doodle: Just like the popular old fashion cookie! Light cinnamon with hazelnut and vanilla. Caff or Decaf

Cranberry Cream: Great fresh cranberry taste. Caff or Decaf

Crème Brule: A light vanilla custard drizzled in rich caramel. Very similar to the popular dessert! Caff or Decaf

Dark Chocolate Decadence: Perfect for chocolate lovers, simply rich, dark chocolate! Caff or Decaf

Dutch Chocolate Mint: The perfect blending of mint and chocolate. Like the popular Andre dinner mints. Caff or Decaf

Eggnog: Creamy eggnog with a kick of Irish whiskey! Caff or Decaf

Eighty Niner: The delicious and irresistible flavors of fudge, hazelnut, Irish cream and amaretto. Caff or Decaf

English Toffee: Sweet, buttery European style caramel. Caff or Decaf

French Kiss: Imagine warm creamy custard blended with rich caramel. It’s a taste that lingers on your lips! Caff or Decaf

French Silk Cheesecake: Cinnamon coated graham crackers covered with vanilla custard and sprinkled with ground hazelnuts.     Caff or Decaf

French Toast: Cinnamon, vanilla, and maple. Caff or Decaf

French Vanilla: Thick, rich vanilla flavor. Caff or Decaf

Frosty’s Favorite: Cinnamon-coated graham crackers covered with vanilla custard and sprinkled with ground hazelnuts.

German Black Forest Cake: Layers of rich, German chocolate with sweet cherries and coconut. Caff or Decaf

Gingerbread: Reminiscent of fresh baked gingersnaps. Sweet molasses, ginger, cinnamon, and spices. Caff or Decaf

Graham Cracker Treat: Graham crackers with just a hint of cinnamon. Caff or Decaf

Harvest Spice: Hints of nuts, ginger, cinnamon, spices and orange peel. Caff or Decaf

Hawaiian Hazelnut: Sweet coconut and hazelnuts go together like hot summer days and a tropical beach! Caff or Decaf

Hazelnut: Rich hazelnut taste and still one of our most popular flavors! Caff or Decaf

Highlander Grog: Irish cream with a little spicy kick! Caff or Decaf

Hot Buttered Rum: Buttery rum with cinnamon and clove. Very flavorful and a popular cool weather drink. Caff or Decaf

Irish Cream: Rich butterscotch, sweetened cream and mellow whiskey notes. Always a popular seller! Caff or Decaf

Jack Frost Java: Chase away the chill with warm custard blended into a rich caramel. A taste that lingers on your lips! Caff or     Decaf

Jamaican Me Crazy: A cool blend of caramel, kahlua, and vanilla. A top seller! Caff or Decaf

Jamaican Me Nuts: We added a little island nut to our cool blend of kahlua, caramel, and vanilla. Caff or Decaf

Jazzy Java: A unique mix of cinnamon, pecans, and rum with a secret touch of …..? You’ll just have to try it! Caff or Decaf

Jingle Bell Java: Rich eggnog softened with vanilla and hazelnut. A very popular holiday coffee! Caff or Decaf

Kahlua & Cream: Soft Mexican style chocolate with a splash of cream. Very similar to the popular liqueur. Caff or Decaf

Macadamia Nut: Rich macadamia flavor straight from the islands! Caff or Decaf

Mackinaw Island Fudge: Made famous by this very popular Michigan resort island where fudge is king! A thick chocolate fudge     that melts on your mouth! Caff or Decaf

Maple Pecan: Lots of sweet, creamy maple flavor with a touch of pecans. Caff or Decaf

Mistletoe Spice: Cinnamon, clove and rum together create a very flavorful and warming cup of coffee. Caff or Decaf

Mocha Mountain Mist: We’ve dusted Swiss mocha almond beans with ground Ghirardelli white chocolate to create this sweet,     creamy coffee that’s simply decadent! Caff or Decaf

Nut Cracker Mocha: Fresh almonds smothered in a dark chocolate that melts in your mouth. Caff or Decaf

Orange Seville: Great tangerine flavor. Very fruity and aromatic! Caff or Decaf

Peach Cobbler: Ripe peaches with cinnamon and spices in a warm crumbly crust. Caff or Decaf

Pumpkin Spice: Fresh baked pumpkin pie right from the oven and without the fuss! A top seller! Caff or Decaf

Raspberry Cream: Raspberry taste that’s creamy and bright. Caff or Decaf

Roasted Chestnut: The very light nutty taste of fresh roasted chestnuts. Caff or Decaf

Southern Pecan: True southern pecan flavor. Caff or Decaf

Sweet Potato Swirl: The sweet, spicy goodness of home-made pie! Caff or Decaf

Swiss Mocha Almond: Pure Swiss chocolate with just a touch of almond. A longtime favorite! Caff or Decaf

Tiramisu: Chocolate dipped, cream filled ladyfingers with a dusting of espresso powder. Similar to the popular Italian     dessert minus the calories! Caff or Decaf

Toasted Almond: Lightly toasting the almonds gives this a great nutty flavor. Caff or Decaf

Toasted Coconut: Coconut lightly toasted to bring out the sweetness. Not as sweet as our Coconut Cream. Caff or Decaf

Totally Nuts: True nut flavor from the perfect blend of pecans, hazelnuts, and almonds. Caff or Decaf

Traverse City Black Cherry: Straight from the best cherry orchards in northern Michigan, the delicious taste of fresh picked     sweet cherries! Caff or Decaf

Vanilla Hazelnut: The combination of two flavors that are always a hit, sweet vanilla and rich hazelnut. Caff or Decaf

Vanilla Ice Cream: Rich vanilla bean flavor infused in sweet cream for a taste just like homemade ice cream. Caff or Decaf

Vanilla Nut Cream: A great blend of vanilla, nuts and cream! Caff or Decaf

Vanilla Raspberry: Fresh raspberries with a splash of vanilla. A perfect blend of flavors! Caff or Decaf

White Christmas: A dusting of our ground Ghirardelli white chocolate atop Swiss mocha almond beans make a sweet,     creamy and simply decadent coffee! Caff or Decaf

Winter Wonderland: An aromatic cup of milk chocolate and peppermint. Caff or Decaf

gourmet coffee by Kaffeescape

 KaffeeScape coffee is the exclusive brand of The Meeting Place on Market.


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