Womack Family Band Returns to Lima for Concert Saturday Night

Lima, OH – The Womack Family Band returns to Lima Saturday night for free concert at The Meeting Place on Market. The Womacks — which consist of Tony Schaffer, Cory Webb and the brother-sister duo of Noah and Haley Heyman — make music that is quiet, contemplative and lyric-driven. They focus more on solid melodies and sound storytelling than riffs and clichés. “We’re not claiming to be writing the next Ninth Symphony, Tiger Rag, or Idiot Wind.” says Schaffer. “We’re just trying to offer some organic alternatives to the mass produced music of the last 30 years.”

Cleveland Magazine says their debut disc is “packed with spot-on harmonies” showcasing “the power of American folk.”

Local duo 12 String Relief, Doug Adams and Merilee Ziccardi, will open for the band. Adams has been playing classic folk since the late sixties but Ziccardi is new to playing acoustic, so they have found a happy blend of classic and contemporary folk music. Both play acoustic guitar, then also have added some variety with Mandolin and harmonica to complement smooth harmonies.

Doug and Merilee say, “We were awed by the creativity and raw talent of these young people in
The Womack Family Band. They are all singer/songwriter/musicians of great skill and insight; it’s a pleasure to listen to their eclectic blend of harmonies and skilled musicianship”.

The concert starts Saturday night, June 11, at 7 pm and is free and open to the public at gourmet coffee and café, The Meeting Place on Market, in downtown Lima, 220 West Market Street. For more information, visit http://www.meetingplaceonmarket.com.

The Womack Family Band


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