All About Yoga at The Meeting Place on Market

Paula Johnson teaches yoga at The Meeting Place on Monday nights, at 5:30 pm. The class meets in the private meeting room, and is just $8/session, for 1 ½ hours! It’s a workout for beginners and the experienced alike. Paula helps everyone adjust the poses to his or her level, and provides an alternative if a pose is too hard or too easy for some. The class normally starts out with a long warm-up, then standing and strength poses, floor poses, and then warm-down and meditation.

Paula goes back a long ways in the fitness industry. She was a high school and college gymnast and a competitive diver and swimmer in the Chicago area. She has coached gymnastics and diving, and has taught fitness classes, from her college days until now.  “But yoga has definitely got my heart!” she says. Paula has been practicing yoga for over 12 years, and her training is with Aura Wellness Center in Rhode Island!  “I love to see what yoga does for my students,” Paula says. “My style of teaching is Hatha yoga; I also stress and practice the absolute importance of meditation in class.  I encourage my students to read all they can about yoga and meditation benefits; I still find it fascinating how a practice like yoga dates back so long ago, and makes such incredible sense!  People are amazing!  ommmmmmm!”

Paula also teaches Yoga in the Park, and a Saturday class at Peak Fitness in Delphos. 

Some of you might be apprehensive because of the linkage of yoga to eastern religion. However, our yoga is religion-free and is just a great time to increase your flexibility, strength, and well-being. There is usually a relaxation/ meditation time at the end that you can use however you see fit – whether time to clear your mind, think, for prayer, or just resting.

We hope to see you at yoga soon!

Yoga class, Mondays, 5:30 – 7 pm

In the private meeting room of The Meeting Place on Market

Open to anyone




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