The Coffee House Diaries 7.19.2011

It’s been a very busy few days since I last wrote. Fun is happening in downtown Lima.

On Tuesday I attended Andrea Waugh’s belly dancing classes for the first time, with my sister-in-law, Sarah. Whew, Andrea made us work hard! It was a lot of fun, and a great work-out. We had a full room, with about ten belly dancers. I loved hearing all the bells jingle while we danced. The class is every Tuesday night at 6 pm in our private meeting room, for $10/ session.

On Thursday morning Ruth Ann & I recorded a voiceover for our next 15 second commercial. Mike Van Meter then gave us a tour of the studios (thanks Mike!). Have you see our commercial on Fox yet?

On Thursday evening a group of about 25 photographers met at The Meeting Place for the 2nd Shoot Night of the summer. Downtown Lima, Inc put together the photo shoot nights as part of the first annual Downtown Lima “More Than You Know” Photography Competition. Professional photographer Jason Bowers led the group. We took photos outside Trinity United Methodist, and also inside the church, where Rev. Harris met us and opened up the church for us. What a beautiful site for pictures! The sun was starting to set and was shining through the church’s gorgeous stained glass windows. From there we went to Memorial Hall where we were able to take pictures inside and out. To see some of the photos, visit Downtown Lima’s facebook site:

12 String Relief officially recorded the “Meeting Place Song” they wrote. They spent time in a studio “laying it down” on CD for us (is that the right lingo?). Look for the song in an upcoming commercial as well!

We have some Fair Trade/ Organic Moka Sumatra and Fair Trade/ Organic Ring of Fire coffee in. This coffee flies off the shelves. Not only is it grown in ethically and environmentally friendly ways, it tastes awesome. Moka Sumatra has a unique, clear flavor and leaves a supreme, light aftertaste. Ring of Fire is grown in volcanic ash and has quite the kick. It’s a robust, full flavored coffee.

Have a great week – espresso yourself!


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