New & Established Artists for January 2012 Art Exhibit

Happy New Year!  We have a new art exhibit up to celebrate the first month of the year.  I think you’ll enjoy this exhibit, it features art work from a new artist and artwork from an established artist.  The result is fresh and fun!

New artist Billy Basinger: Billy Graduated from Shawnee High School in Lima, Ohio in 2007. He is currently studying architecture at Miami University of Ohio with a minor focus in painting. He is set to graduate from Miami in the spring of 2013. After graduating he plans to focus on fine arts specifically that of painting and also kinesiology, in the pursuit of master programs in both fields.

Established artist Barbara Spurgeon: Home grown artist Barbara Spurgeon returns to Lima, Ohio after living in Texas for 25 years. Allen County trees and wild flowers are a favorite subject matter of Barbara’s water color paintings, but she paints other things as well. Barbara teaches watercolor classes, gives demonstrations, and does custom painting. She is a member of the Lima Area Watercolor Society and regularly participates in their art exhibits (St. Rita’s Hospital, 2nd floor). Barbara enjoys home decorating and likes to talk about home repair projects, floor covering, and wall treatment. She also cooks a pretty good soup.
Web Site:

Billy Basinger
Billy Basinger Poses in Front of Two of His Pieces

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