Local Artists Present Mixed Media Art Exhibit

The Meeting Place on Market is presenting an exhibit of paintings by Ben Budde and photography by Jodi Knoch throughout February. The two artists’ work balances wonderfully together, presenting a mix of the realistic and the imaginative.

Ben Budde at a young age loved to draw and make up all kinds of different characters on paper. Seeing his passion, his mother found a painter he could sit under. He sat under portrait painter Phil Wood for two years, displaying his art work at some art shows and won some ribbons. The artist is still drawing and painting today, and enjoys seeing all the paint come together to make a picture for people to enjoy.

Experienced photographer Jodi Knoch is presenting photographs taken throughout her travels. “Northern Arizona and Southern Utah in March is cold, windy, and one of the most unique places I have been to, scattered with rock formations, dessert, snow, starry nights, and slot canyons. The images are a small sample of the things I experienced,” she says. She also displays photographs taken on a visit to the wild lands of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

The movement toward local art, music and film is being seen throughout the country, as evidenced by the growth of local festivals celebrating art and the public’s desire to spur on their local economics.

“Local artists are celebrated here,” says co-owner of The Meeting Place on Market, Jennifer Brogee. “We want to showcase the wide variety of talent in our community.”

The exhibit is free and open to the public at The Meeting Place on Market, a gourmet coffee house and café in downtown Lima. The artwork is also available for sale. For more information, visit www.meetingplaceonmarket.com.

One section of the exhibit.

A shot of one of Jodi Knoch’s photos hanging on the wall

Ben Budde poses beside a couple of his paintings


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