Local Talent Showcased in Upcoming Free Concerts

Several free concerts scheduled throughout February and March showcase local talent. Concerts are held at The Meeting Place on Market, gourmet coffee house and bakery in downtown Lima.

Friday, February 24, 7:30 pm – 12 String Relief and Friends

12 String Relief, with Doug Adams & Merilee Ziccardi, will perform together with friends Lou’s Crew and David Harris. Great old and contemporary acoustic folk music will be played. The audience is invited to sing along.

Doug Adams has been singing folk songs since the 1970’s. He’s one of many current folk revivalists performing today. Merilee Ziccardi is an accomplished young musician just venturing onto the folk scene. Together, they offer a rich depth of traditional storytelling thru their blended voices and musical talents.

Saturday, March 3, 12 pm – Live Music by Carl Rust

Carl Rust was born in Kentucky and grew up in northwest Ohio. He graduated from Lima Senior High School and earned a bachelors degree in elementary education from Ohio State University Lima branch. He has been a newspaperman, a factory worker, a teacher, a chef, a bottle washer, a dog walker, and an author, singer, songwriter, filmmaker. He has been writing and performing music for 20 years. He has produced 7 albums of original music with the 8th to be released later this year. He currently lives in Indiana with his wife Robin, a dog and a cat. He loves his job as an assistant principal at an elementary school and plays music as often as he can.

Friday, March 30, 7 pm – Q in Concert

Q, a trio from Ohio Northern University, officially started January 2011. Nick, Jordaan, and Anton pulled their musical talents together to form a group interested in playing a variety set, encompassing multiple genres. Anton’s rhythmic chordings and lyrical ambitions are complimented by Nick’s aggressive patterns on the bass. Jordaan accentuates the melodies with slaps and pops, completing the roller coaster of dynamic and melodic movement. The group is influenced by multiple artists from the genres of Classical, Jazz, Blues, Rock, and multiple forms of modern alternative music. All three have been involved in other bands, including Trauma Packet and Casual Friday, and are accustomed to playing live. The group shows emphasis on feeling the music and improvising upon it, fitting the emotions of each individual player in a specific moment. It’s not about perfection, but expression.

For more information, visit www.meetingplaceonmarket.com


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