Live Music and Art at The Meeting Place on Market in June

Support your local and regional independent musicians and artists by coming to listen to their music and view their artwork! Invite your friends, and have a great time, too! How better to stimulate our local economy than to support the efforts of these talented people, instead of listening to music fed to us by large businesses, or buying art that has been replicated thousands of times.

Friday, June 8th, 5 pm: Live Music By Two Sticks & a Chick

Two Sticks & a Chick is a 3 member band from Lima the delivers far more than the usual small piece or acoustic trio show. Along with many popular 3 piece selection on guitar and piano from bands like Journey, The Beatles, and Billy Joel, we are growing our list to include classic country hits and new songs by artists such as Adele and many more.
The concert is at The Meeting Place on Market, 220 West Market Street, downtown Lima. Free and open to the public.

Saturday, June 9th, 12-2 pm: Singer/Songwriter Laura Joy in Concert

Chicago-based singer-songwriter Laura Joy has been known to quell dark, angry bars full of ornery old Irishmen. Drawing comparisons that range from Joni Mitchell to Alison Krauss, Laura’s percussive finger picking and buoyant voice have graced audiences from as far as the Sun Belt to the streets of Manhattan.

Laura’s adventures in “Folk Sustainability” (a new endeavor for 2012) are regularly documented in her blog ( Join her as she attempts to simultaneously minimize her carbon footprint while increasing musical output.

Concert is free and open to the public.

Laura Joy

Friday, June 15th, 7:30 pm: Philip McMurry in Concert

Philip McMurry has been writing and performing music for twenty-five years and is currently a professor at the University of Northwestern Ohio. He has recently finished his first CD of original music with his band, “Stir Crazy.” Now that the members of the band all live in different states, Philip has begun performing solo shows around the Lima area. His music is very much inspired by the artists that he listened to when he was a teenager, such as Billy Joel, The Little River Band, Toto, Steve Taylor, the Eagles and others from the late 70s and early 80s. He has begun work on a solo CD and will play both original material as well as covers of well-known recording artists. His concerts are very family friendly, yet at the same time, full of passion and energy. Philip currently lives in Lima with his wife and four daughters.

Philip will be performing at The Meeting Place on Market, gourmet coffee house/bakery/cafe in downtown Lima, on June 15th. The concert is free and open to the public.

Saturday, June 23rd, 1-3 pm: Hawg Creek Spinners and Weavers

Come see how our ancestors created thread, fabrics and needle arts! The Hawg Creek Spinners and Weavers are meeting this day in the private meeting room (from 10 am – 3 pm). From 1-3 pm, they will have spinning wheels and tabletop looms and also knitting and other needle arts finished projects that members are interested in. The public is welcome to come and observe, ask questions and see demos, etc.Free and open to the public, at gourmet coffee house/ cafe, The Meeting Place on Market, downtown Lima, Ohio.

June 1-28: Marge Brandt Art Exhibit

About the artist: Each day Marge Brandt opens her eyes onto the vivid joy of reds and blues, greens and yellows.”I have a wonderful life,” said Brandt, 73, of Wapakoneta. “I”m excited every day when I get up.”

Brandt is a painter, specializing in watercolors.

“There”s an excitement with watercolor I don”t find with any other medium,” Brandt said. “Surprises happen and you go with the surprises. With acrylics, it stays where you put it, but with watercolors, it bleeds. It bleeds out and has flow of its own.”

For all the events – more info online:

Location: The Meeting Place on Market, 220 West Market Street, downtown Lima, Ohio.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. mary bonnell says:

    do you know anyone who teaches rug hooking–my daughter is interested in learning—Mary

  2. Jennifer Brogee says:

    Mary, there are three people in the Hawg Creek Spinners and Weavers who are rug hookers. The person in charge of the event will check and see if they can bring some projects to the demonstrations on June 23rd. If you’d like to email me your contact info, I can ask her to follow up with you directly. You can email: – Jennifer

    1. mary bonnell says:

      Jennifer, thank you for getting back to me but the email address is not letting me get a message to you. I can attend on the 23rd but my daughter is a nurse and that is her weekend to work so if one of the rug hookers could email me, that would be great–thank you again, Mary

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