Black Friday & Small Business Saturday Sales

Friday, November 23, open 7:30 am – 5:30 pm
Saturday, November 24, open 9 am – 3 pm

Buy 2 tea tins, get 1 FREE!

Each tin contains 36 to 50 round tea bags filled with premium tea. Regular price is $11.95/tin. Black Teas: British Breakfast, British Breakfast Decaf, Earl Greyer, Mango Ceylon, Ginger Peach, Blackberry Sage
Green Teas: Honey Ginseng, Honey Ginseng Decaf, Ginger Peach, Acai Green Tea
Red Teas: get lost, get gorgeous, get charged, get happy, get wellness, get maternal, get young, get hydrated, get burning, Good Hope Vanilla
Holiday: Apple Cider Tea

All gourmet coffees, 20% off!

Includes a variety origin coffee, including Lima Bean Blend, Big City Blend, Guatemalan, Colombian and much more, as well as flavored coffee such as Cookie Doodle, Crème Brulee, Black Forest, and more!

All packaged Chai tea, 20% off!

Our Chai tea is made in the USA! Enjoy Oregon chai at home (our daily chai brand), or try a new variety with the Enchanted Chai, available in vanilla or spiced, it is quick and easy to make using a powder base. Single Chai packets also available, just $1.00 regularly, $0.80 on sale. Both Chai options are gluten-free.

Oregon Chai ingredients: Water, organic* evaporated cane juice, honey, organic* spices, organic* black tea, ginger, organic* vanilla, organic* natural flavors and citric acid. (*Organically grown and processed in accordance with the California Organic Food Act of 1990).

Caffe D’Vita ingredients: sugar, non-hydrogenated coconut oil, nonfat dry milk, corn syrup solids, honey, imported natural black tea, natural spice blend (cinnamon, anise seed, cardamom, cloves, ginger), Madagascar vanilla, and natural and/or artificial flavors.

Shop ’til You Drop!

Gift baskets start at just $5.95, and include variety gift baskets, tea and/or Chai baskets, gourmet coffee & chocolate baskets, “Made in Ohio” basket, gluten-free basket and much more!

Variety Gift Basket, $34.95

Tea Sampler Gift Basket, $5.95

Happy Baskets, $10

Download the Downtown Lima Holiday Shopping Pass!


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