Suzanne Kinstle Nocera Art Exhibit December 2012

The Fine Art of

Suzanne Kinstle Nocera

Organic Elements in Contemporary Color

Art Exhibit at The Meeting Place on Market

December 2012

A native of Ohio, Suzanne’s discipline of focus is concentrated in transparent watercolor with mixed media in a contemporary style. Her colorful portrayal of nature and the land that surrounds her, is the reflection of Ohio’s summer gardens and the beautiful textural elements of its grand state parks.

“Bringing the outdoors in, I enjoy taking the ordinary and presenting it as the ‘not so ordinary’. In art circles, I am recognized for my use of color… it’s my passion and I react to it intuitively as I paint, striving for texture and bold, clean luminous color through a flowing, spontaneous application of poured paint”.

She is an award winning artist, studying with both national and internationally acclaimed artists since 1998. Her work hangs in private collections across the United States and Europe. Her works of intricate paper collage are represented by Vale Gallery in Chicago’s ‘River North Gallery District’ and 21st Street Art Gallery in Virginia Beach.

Suzanne is an active member of the Lima Area Watercolor Society, The Visual Artists Network and American Craft Council. She teaches watercolor and mixed media collage in her private home studio where she resides in Lima Ohio.

Suzanne’s artwork will be on display throughout December at The Meeting Place on Market, in downtown Lima, Ohio, 220 West Market Street.



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