About KaffeeScape Coffee

Our Coffee Tastes Great Because…

  • It starts with the right coffee bean. We use the highest quality Arabica Beans
  • Roasting technique… a high tech “fluid bed” roaster passes hot air over the beans only once, compared to conventional roasters that recycle hot smokey air
  • Flavored coffees use only the finest natural flavoring oils – no powders or calories
    We are passionate about coffee and you can tell with every sip that you take.
  • Coffee is about much more than some beans and hot water. It’s about…
    • growers who care about their crop and their people
    • being fanatical in the roasting details
    • learning how to brew in 20 different ways
    • the history and traditions that make it a true social experience
    • it’s about the aroma, and the flavor, and the buzz.
  • Most of all, it’s about people. Total strangers can come together around coffee. People can relax and be themselves with a hot cup of java in their hands. Coffee can create a bond when no other bond exists.

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