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The Drenched Earth Tour Visits Lima, Ohio

The talented and original group making up The Drenched Earth Tour, Chris Castle and The Womack Family, stopped in Lima, Ohio February 23 to entertain us with their original music. The music was perfectly blended and hauntingly rich, and boasted an acoustic, and at times folksy, sound. All of us in the audience loved it.

The two groups are touring together through multiple states. They made a video of their visit to Lima:

Support your independent musicians, they have talent, originality, and the dedication to fund their own tour, while traveling along in a van, eating trail mix.

February is Full of Entertainment

All of the below concerts are free and open to the public, at gourmet coffee house and cafe, The Meeting Place on Market, in downtown Lima, Ohio.

Contact Info:

 George Smed in Concert

Wednesday, February 9, 2011 6:00PM

George Smed will perform amazing music on his bass guitar at this free concert. You’ll be amazed at the sound! ” I fell into bass by accident when I was 15,” George says. “Becoming more withdrawn from the outside world I crawled into my cave and began to work on solo bass techniques with visions of taking over the world of bass one day and creating something never seen or heard from a four string.”

Visit http://www.youtube.com/GeorgeSmed for song samples.


Open Mic Night

Friday, February 11, 2011, 7 pm

At Open Mic Night you’re the star! Whether your skill is music, poetry reading, drama or comedy, the mic is open for you this night. Just remember to keep your performance appropriate for a mixed audience. If you’d rather not be a star, come on out anyway and watch an intriguing mix of talent.

To sign up to perform, email info@meetingplaceonmarket.com, or stop by The Meeting Place, and sign up on the sheet next to the soda machine.

Free and open to the public. See you there!


Valentine’s Concert – Mason Prinzi with Driftwood

Saturday, Februar 12, 2011, 7:00PM

Come and enjoy a live performance by Mason Prinzi with Driftwood Saturday night! “Driftwood” plays old and new country, blues and rock plus originals.  For more info, find them on facebook: “Mason Prinzi Driftwood”.

Free and open to the public at the gourmet coffee house and cafe, The Meeting Place on Market!


Nathan Leigh Concert

Wednesday, February 16, 2011, 5:00PM

Join this Indie singer/songwriter from Brooklyn as he performs his own acoustic & vocal songs! Listen to music samples here: http://www.myspace.com/nathanleigh/

At gourmet coffee house and cafe, The Meeting Place on Market, in a restored 1920s savings & loan building in downtown Lima, Ohio.

Free and open to the public.


Spirit Song Concert

Friday, February 18, 2011, 7:00PM

Come and enjoy a night with Teens for Christ!

At gourmet coffee house and cafe, The Meeting Place on Market, downtown Lima, Ohio. Free and open to the public.


Hypnotist & Illusionist Show with Bill Gladwell

Saturday, February 19, 2011, 7:00PM

Called “The Hypnotist™” by his audiences, a Social Dynamics expert by his students, and a coach by his private clients, Bill Gladwell is a master at bending your mind through his mental and hypnosis skills while at the same time helping you make changes that will set into motion a new life. For over 21 years, Bill has amazed audiences with his entertainment, empowered thousands by teaching them how to enhance their ability to communicate, and has had the privilege of changing the lives of countless others through his one-on-one coaching.

For more information on Bill Gladwell, visit his web site: http://billgladwell.com/bill-gladwell-live/

At gourmet coffee house and cafe, The Meeting Place on Market. Free and open to the public.


Chris Castle & the Womacks

Wednesday, February 23, 2011, 6:00PM

Americana songwriter Chris Castle and the Womack Family Band will be featuring songs from the Womacks’ debut disc and Castle’s forthcoming release “Of God & Man (Beneath the Sun)”.

Free and open to the public, at the gourmet coffee house and cafe, The Meeting Place on Market.

For more information about the band, visit: http://www.dirtsandwich.com/tour.html


Trav&Lish Open Mic Night

Friday, February 25, 2011, 7:00PM

Join this dynamic duo as they lead the crowd in a fun Open Mike Night!

Free and open to the public at gourmet coffee house and cafe, The Meeting Place on Market, in downtown Lima, Ohio.


Press Release: Drenched Earth Tour Comes to Lima, Ohio



From the Ground

DIY Folk Acts Find a Winning Combo in Roots Music Tradition & Grassroots Marketing 

NORWALK, OHIO — Singer-songwriter Chris Castle and the Womack Family Band are using natural talent, hard work, and modern technology to blaze their own trail in today’s tumultuous music industry. The Rustbelt Americana artists have been steadily building a following throughout the eastern half of the United States by bringing homegrown music directly to listeners via the internet and a steady stream of live performances.

In late 2010, the two acts joined forces for the Drenched Earth Tour. They are currently in the process of visiting 38 cities in 18 states, for a total of 48 appearances; from Michigan to Florida, Georgia to Maine, and everywhere in between; all in the span of 50 days. The tour comes to Lima on February 23, for a performance at The Meeting Place on Market, at 6 pm.

Castle, a former songwriting prodigy who was a Nashville staff-writer as a teenager, says this tour is proof that musicians don’t need to wait around to be “discovered” by a talent scout from a major label in order to have their music heard.
The music from both acts is quiet, contemplative and lyric-driven. It’s free of the gimmicks associated with what populates Clear Channel and corporate radio stations nowadays, and focuses more on solid melodies and sound storytelling than riffs and cliches. “We’re not claiming to be writing the next Ninth Symphony, Tiger Rag, or Idiot Wind.” says Schaffer. “We’re just trying to offer some organic alternatives to the mass produced music of the last 30 years.”

The New London Day calls Chris Castle “a visionary songwriter” while Folk Alley says he is “a rising, Americana stand-out.” He has shared stages with the likes of Chris Hillman (the Byrds), Tommy Ramone, Jimmy Webb, Junior Brown, and the Wood Brothers, among many others. Castle’s 2008 release was recorded at the Woodstock home of American music legend Levon Helm (the Band). As for the Womacks, Cleveland Magazine says their debut disc is “packed with spot-on harmonies” showcasing “the power of American folk.”

“When (musicians) are young, we all imagine some CEO with a big cigar, walking up and handing us a million dollars,” Castle says. “But the older we get, the more we see it’s a simple matter of connecting with people through music. There’s no secret formula. Just try to make solid music and get it directly to the people through constant application.”

When Castle and the Womacks — which consist of Tony Schaffer, Cory Webb and the brother-sister duo of Noah and Haley Heyman — aren’t making music, they’re busy pioneering the way musical acts get heard. The musicians do their own HTML coding for their websites; they book and promote their own shows; they design and manufacture tour merchandise; and they write, record, and distribute their own music. They also operate their own boutique, BMI affiliated publishing firm; from a garage in northcentral Ohio.


For more information contact
Tony Schaffer, 419-706-9590

Looking Back to the Fun We Had in 2010

On the last date of the New Year, we love to look back and remember all the new people we met, the friends we connected with, and the fun we had! Take a break and step through some of our fun at The Meeting Place on Market over the last year.

The Anthony Family Band packs out, and rocks, the house!

Enjoying the music

Cody Hughes – a new performer at The Meeting Place on Market.

Paul Reiser – a veteran jazz performer, celebrating one of his concerts with his family and friends.

Ethan Bowers – another young, talented performer.

The one and only 1 Above Musical Variety Show entertained us at Christmas time.

Trav & Lish – Hosting their own Open Mike Nights at The Meeting Place – they are planning more Open Mic Nights in 2011!

Andy Roose – Country / Americana singer from Minnesota who entertained us while he was visiting friends & family in town.

3 Amigos at work!

Greg Pitts, artist from Florida and Lima native, created an exhibit just for The Meeting Place – entitled “Coffee House.”

We hosted book signings for local authors Craig Sullivan, Adam Holbrook, and Jay Waggoner (not pictured).

Phil McMurry, UNO professor and musician, is a frequent performer at The Meeting Place on Market!

We were excited to host Cincinnati band, The Comforts. http://www.myspace.com/thecomfortsrock

George Smed, bass player, entertains a crowd! http://www.myspace.com/georgesmed

Chris Castle, singer/ songwriter, played original songs in his unique style. www.dirtsandwich.com

We hosted coffee tasting, and coffee art for kids, as a fundraiser for the downtown Veterans Food Pantry.

Our display at the Lima YP’s Green Tie Affair.

Proud participant of the Civic Center Catering Network. Here we catered for the Chamber’s Women in Business event, in the City Club. www.limaciviccenter.com

Customers enjoying time together next to our stained glass display – created by our customers! Part of our 2010 remodel.

A new Terrace and coffee “gift shop” – part of our 2010 remodeling project.

Just chilling.

Having fun in our newly decorated “Family Room”!

Local musicians, 12 String Relief, made up of Doug Adams and Merilee Ziccardi, create a pleasing folk sound for the audience!

More homemade breads in 2010! We also introduced our daily bakery specials:
Mondays- All Fresh baked breads 10% off!
Tuesdays- Sugar-free baked goods
Wednesdays- Cinnamon Rolls ($1.50 each)
Thursdays- Gluten-free baked goods
Fridays- Pies (large and minis)

Marianna Hofer – Artist & Poet, displayed her artwork and also presented a poetry reading.

Lots of snow in 2010 (Dan loved it, as you can see).

Our fearless leaders at Square Fair – Kevin & Stephanie.

Want a smoothie? Square Fair 2010.

We had a lot more going on that isn’t pictured above, but we don’t have pictures for everyone! (So if any of you listed below have pictures, please email them to us at info@meetingplaceonmarket.com)

Artists Not Pictured: Don Hurless, John Rausch, Herb Vonderau, Ashley Renee Kennedy, Richard Evans, Goodwill/ Easter Seals, Anna Fisher, Beverly Rampe, Barbara Spurgeon

Musicians Not Pictured: McKenzie Anderson, Calvary Chapel of Praise, A Special Night for Special People, Doug Shobe, Seth Bridges, Plugged In, Charlie Doepker, Theresa Moeller, Cody Hughes, Shawnee Alliance Choir, and many other musicians on Open Mic Night, or who just picked up the guitar and gave us music at random times! 

Thank ALL of you for a wonderful, fun, tasty, and entertaining 2010!

Happy New Year!

Kevin & Jennifer, Greg & Ruth Ann

Event Calendar:

Sign Up to Perform: http://www.meetingplaceonmarket.com/market_site/events/tellus.asp?Type=Music_Performance

Sign Up to Display Artwork:

Our web site:

Six Years Old!

Happy sixth anniversary, Meeting Place!  You’ve come a long way, baby… :)

Last Saturday we enjoyed a wonderful anniversary concert performed by the Samuel Evans Band.  I had only heard them online prior to that evening, and wow, they were fantastic!  They do a great mix of really driven sounds as well as some tender ballads, and lots of interesting takes on popular praise and worship songs, too. 

If you missed the concert, make sure to stop out for our next event: Chris Castle in concert July 18th at 7pm!  Chris is a folk/Americana singer- songwriter from Peru, Ohio.

Over the past eighteen months, Castle has shared stages with some amazing acts, including: Junior Brown, Chris Hillman (the Byrds), Tommy Ramone (the Ramones), Will Kimbrough, Jonathan Edwards, the Wood Brothers, Richard Shindell, Jeff Black, and the everybodyfields.

He has released two albums, the second of which was recorded in August of 2008 at the home studio of Levon Helm (the Band, Bob Dylan).

Castle has spent the last two years, touring; Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maine, and New Hampshire extensively. He prefers to play intimate venues such as coffeehouses and house concerts, when possible.

For more info & song samples, visit his web site at
dirtsandwich.com, or his MySpace page.